Only following orders...

Pressure is mounting on Cheryl after Saturday's XFactor, where the Geordie star sent home audience favourite Gamu in favour of fairly hopeless auditionees Katie and Cher. Now the public backlash has apparently soured relations between Cheryl and Simon Cowell. Simon firmly distanced himself from Cheryl's decision, saying, It was her choice and her choice only. All this is completely her own doing.' Got that? However, Cole claims she was told to axe Gamu.

A source told The Mirror, Cheryl has found to her cost how ratings come first and your personal reputation second. She feels she was just following instructions and now is being cast as the villain of the piece.'

A spokesman for the show emphasised support for Gamu, in response to the huge outpouring of anger against her impending deportation, 'We hope there's a way Gamu can continue living here, even if she has to briefly leave and come back. If she re-applied for the next series, she already has an army of loyal fans.'

Could public support force XFactor honchos to bring back Gamu as a wild card entry? Fingers crossed...

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