One less rat in the jungle

Marc Bannerman – erstwhile partner to Footballers’ Wives star, err… somebody or other – is the first celebrity evicted from the I’m a Celebrity jungle. The public showed their disapproval of his amorous antics with Cerys Matthews. In the post-eviction interview conducted by Ant and Dec, it didn’t take Marc long to realise why viewers ejected him from the show.

‘I’m in big trouble, aren’t I?’ he exclaimed after seeing rather incriminating footage of him and the Catatonia singer, snuggling up in the camp. Matters weren’t helped when the actor tried to describe what went on in the jungle. ‘If you meet someone that you really get on well with and gel with, it’s really difficult not to have just a bit, a little bit, a kind of, you know it’s just difficult not to have a little bit, you know...’ No Marc, we don’t know. A little bit of what exactly? 

It was classic TV as the ex-actor’s face dropped after being told his cuckolded girlfriend was no longer there to meet him, preferring to discuss the matter ‘behind closed doors’. Oh dear…out of the jungle and into the doghouse. Let’s wait and see how this one pans out…

(Image: from whiskymac’s flickr stream)

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