One Elle of a gig

William and Kate are clearly fans of MOR folk-lite, for they have booked Ellie Goulding to warble away at their reception party. Let's hope she's learnt the words to wedding classics like 'YMCA' and 'Hi-ho silver lining'.

A source told The Sun, 'Wills and Kate are huge fans of Ellie and were keen to sign her up. Her music goes down well with the young ones, plus a few of the older guests will be nodding their heads along. They really wanted a top British talent and the couple are delighted Ellie agreed to perform. She can't wait - although she's a tad nervous.'

The big question for wedding watchers is: will Ellie's cover of Elton John's 'Your song' be played for the historic first dance? We wouldn't put it past them...

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