On thin ice

At first glance it seemed that Vernon Kay had hit the bigtime with his presenting gig on Skating With The Stars. In the style of Cat Deeley's mammoth Stateside career trajectory, the only way for the bantertastic presenter was up. Then came bad news: American audiences couldn't understand what he was saying, with some viewers needing subtitles to translate his Northern twang.

Well it gets worse. According to reports, Vern fluffed his lines on last night's episode of the show, getting the name of a contestant wrong. (We sympathise - they all look the same.) Whereas a more forgiving British audience might have found the slip-up funny, Vern's American audience was baying for his blood. Actually, they weren't, but the doom merchants at the The Daily Mail are claiming that Vernon's 'regional accent' and 'embarrassing slip up' may have cost him the £300k a year job.

'After Vernon made the embarrassing name slip, he quickly corrected himself but the slip-up comes after American viewers have already had trouble understanding his broad northern accent. After first appearing on the reality TV show, thousands of viewers took to internet forums complaining they were struggling to follow what he was saying. He had even been mistaken for Scottish and seemed to have mixed reviews from the show’s fans. But now his latest blunder may cost him his American dream of being the next British star to make it big stateside.

Crikey. Oh well Vernon, if you flop over the pond, we'll have you back. Even though there's nothing left on British telly to present....

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