On the wagon

He trundled around tipsy on TFI in the 90's (being pretty mean to Peter Beardsley in the process) and he's famously admitted to never doing his noughties radio shows without a hangover. Well those days are over - Chris Evans, ginga ninja (yeah, bet he's sick of being called that) has decided to knock boozing on the head. Not drinking in general mind, the man's not that nutty! He tells the Daily Mail:

‘It’s been a long time coming –45 years, five months and 17 days, to be precise. But finally it’s here. I’m stopping drinking. Not tea or coffee and especially not water – but alcohol.' Eeek, drastic. But as with most drastic decisions there was no particular epiphany behind it, just a hazy desire to know what it's like to be sober.

'I want to achieve more, without the highs and lows of the gay days and fuggy haze of booze. I’ve been thinking about it for a good while now. And I simply have to do it. I want to know what I’m like completely sober.’

Evans is also taking into account the effect that this is likely to have on his local economy. 'This will come as a major shock to people who know me, and may even cause a few minor heart attacks where several restaurant and bar owners in the South East are concerned.'

In his prime The Mail reports that Chris was draining 20 pints of lager a day and still crawling into work. Then there was the time he was rapped on the knuckles by the Beeb to the tune of £7,000 for a 17 hour bingeing session that saw him stagger into the office honking like a freshly opened 6 pack of Tenants. Chris, quitting booze sounds like a smart decision. We await the inevitable afternoon tea and scones photo opps.....

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