On the radio?

Big-time films, incessant tabloid coverage, smoking hot pop star missus and loads of lovely money: yes, Russell Brand has it all. However, he seems to have a hankering for his old life on radio, where he could waffle on about whatever he liked and no-one paid any real attention, and an American radio station might be helping him slide back into simpler times.

According to The Sun, satellite broadcaster Sirius has slapped millions of dollars on the table to help convince him that he needs to be back on the airwaves, rather than swanning around in Hollywood, being a big star and that.

‘Russell has been itching to get back on radio for a while now,’ said a source to the tabloid. ‘He has been off doing other things but radio is the one thing that still really tickles him. He is desperate to do something with Jonathan Ross again.

‘Jonathan will be free for more fun and games when his BBC contract ends next month. Russell's sidekick Matt Morgan is also keen to get writing and broadcasting again. The Sirius deal is in its infancy but Russell is well up for it. He has been given the hard sell about how they could make him the new Howard Stern.’

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