It's been a shoddy week for Peaches Geldof; first she gets accused of shop-lifting (for the third time, we might add), then telly insiders reveal that her new 'agony aunt' show 'OMG!' might be axed after a critical mauling and lucklustre viewing figures. Peaches faces a court appearance after a Camden vintage boutique contacted the police to report a missing 1940's dress, half-inched by a lady taken to be Miss Geldof.

A member of staff told the The Daily Mail, ‘It was a really nice dress, a vintage 1940s one, and its a shame because she could easily afford to just buy it. A lot of celebrities come here to buy vintage clothes, but I dont think Peaches is anything special. It’s not fair that she gets away with this sort of thing. She has come here a few times before, but the dress has not been returned. Its a shame that something like this has happened, we're a small store.’

On the subject of 'OMG!', a TV insider gossiped, 'We do think that she appeals to our younger audience, but this show is really something of a flop.' While an ITV2 rep made a more statesmanlike comment, telling the paper, 'We would never make a decision on a show this early.' Hmm, sounds like Peaches telly days are numbered...

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