'Olly's a wally' says twin

Last year's XFactor runner up Olly Murs may have impressed the nation with his Robbie Williams impersonation, cheeky grin and unfeasibly tight trousers, but his success may have come at a price. His twin brother Ben is furious that Olly snubbed his wedding, where he was supposed to be best man - preferring instead to attend the semi-finals of the reality show (or in XFactor parlance 'make my dreams come true'). Now the pair are not speaking, and Ben has vowed to cut the cheesy pop wannabe out of his life for good.

Olly's angry twin told the News of the World, 'It's clear people like Simon Cowell are more important to him than me. He's a self-absorbed sell-out. Our family was torn apart because of X Factor. Things have got to the point where if I have children, I don't even want Olly to meet them. I watch my brother - the same person I shared a womb with - on TV now and it's like I don't even know who he is.'

Well, that's what happens when twins speak...

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