Ol' Clean Limbs

So you've got the records, and regularly belt out 'My Way' when blottoed, but did you know that Frank Sinatra was a hygeine obsessive who had no less than 12 (count 'em) showers a day? No, thought not...

According to The Daily Mail, Frank's wife revealed, 'He was a guy who took about 12 showers a day. I mean, he was neat. He always smelled of lavender.' This begs the question; how on earth did Frank find the time to shower, and get dressed before the next bout of washing? Anyway, these conundrums aside, Babs also discussed Sinatra's 'legendary' temper.

She told Good Morning America, 'I don't know that I handled his moods. I lived with them. He could be moody. I didn't want to be around him if he drank gin. Gin, I think, made him mean. [If I saw] a gin bottle on the bar I'd turn right around and go back in the room and lock the door because I didn't want to deal with that.' Watch the interview below:

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