Wouldn’t it be nice if Madonna was your neighbour*? You could pop over for some sugar and a natter, get free tickets to her concerts, have her round for dinner - you’d be besty mates before you knew it. Well that hasn’t exactly been the case for one of the pop queen’s neighbours in her New York apartment building who has filed a complaint to the State Supreme Court about the excessive noise blaring out from her pad.

According to BBC News, Madge is using her apartment as rehearsal space, much to the annoyance of her neighbour Karen George, who lives above her. So after failing to take her previous complaints about the racket seriously, George is now suing the company who manage the building. It’s been reported that the noise has become so “unbearable” for the unfortunate neighbour that she is forced to leave the building all together once the former Mrs Ritchie fires up the ghetto blaster.

Daily Mail journalist Jan Moir is yet to comment.

*Excluding Guy Ritchie.

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