Oi, don't you know who I am?

It just goes to show that it's not who you know in Hollywood but who you actually are. Gordon Ramsey is now of sufficiently high calibre in the star system that he can get away with some seriously dodging driving, despite having a cop's gun 'rammed down his face.' The angry telly chef drove his Maserati the wrong way down a road in Los Angeles and it wasn't long before sirens were blaring and all manner of traffic cop drama was kicking off. The chef (via The Sun) puts some meat on the bones:

'For a moment I thought I was back in England and turned down the wrong side of the road. The LAPD is suddenly on my a**e with lights flashing. I get out and the cop goes crazy, pulling his gun and shouting 'Get back in the car!' It's half past midnight and I've got no ID on me. He's going bananas thinking I stole the f****** Maserati.'

Gordon, that sounds very exciting, but we're sensing embellishment. More likely it was a routine traffic misdemeanour that ended with a ticking off from the coppers and a redfaced Gordon chugging off in second gear.

But there's more. Ramsay explains how some girls working in a nearby pizza restaurant helped him to give officers the slip: 'They come out and start going 'Hey, chef Ramsay, we love you!' The cop's like 'Who are you?' I say 'Chef Ramsay' and I have my life back again.'

Yeah yeah, Gordy, someone's been living in LaLa land too long..

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