Oh, the inanity...

Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen is making celeb waves, but for all the wrong reasons. First there's her prostitute-chic wardrobe, which is a great pap-magnet, but not entirely admirable attire for a 17 year old girl. And yes, we know we sound like Mary Whitehouse - she's very 2010, don't you know. However, Taylor's now decided to get political, and has been mouthing off about the Catholic Church, with (unintentionally) hilarious results.

Taylor got all controversial on a New Zealand radio show, speaking about her relgious upbringing, 'I was raised Catholic. I f**ked a priest once - I'm just kidding.' Oh, okay then...

The Gossip Girl star then waxed lyrical about the lines to her new song, 'Going Down' saying, 'It seemed like a very fitting song to write at the time. It was kind of a f**k you to all the molestation going on. It was just insane.'

Yeah, man - down with molestation. Please Momsen, no more interviews, or speaking out loud without the aid of scripts.

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