Oh My God

Every now and again a film comes along that makes you question yourself, your beliefs and why you think the way that you do. As much as everyone loves a nice bit of Hollywood fluff, it’s hard to beat that feeling of really having your horizons expanded, or understanding something that previously was nothing but an irrational anathema to everything you stand for.

That next experience could very well be Oh My God, if the trailer is anything to go by. Shot over two and a half years in 23 countries by director Peter Rodger, the film looks to explore what we really mean when we talk about God, from Fundamentalist Muslim to Atheist, and instead of tub-thumping moralising, it looks like the audience is going to get some serious brain food. Even Wolverine... sorry, Hugh Jackman gets all philosophical on us, calling God ‘the space between words’. Deep man.

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