Oh go on, just for old time's sake

The other day we suggested that the much-vaunted celebrity re-coupling of Preston and Chantelle on Ultimate Big Brother had been nothing but a complete sham, cynically constructed by Chantelle in order to make the pair a packet in appearance fees and interviews for gossip rags.

However, Preston soon posted on his blog that the feeling between them were very real, and that even though they couldn’t ever get back together, he still found her ‘stunning’ and ‘enchanting’. So enchanting in fact, that he was apparently begging her for sex after a night out. This is of course, according to 3am via a mystery friend of the blonde, so we don’t know whether there is a shred of evidence to back up this rather personal claim.

‘After dinner, he suggested they go back to his and have sex,’ said the friend. ‘She asked him whether he still liked her and he said, ‘Of course I f***ing fancy you… let’s just do it’.’

‘Chantelle is in pieces. He’s been texting her to say that he loves her and even suggested they go on a romantic trip to Paris. But when she called him earlier this week he confessed he’s planning to go to the US to make a go of things with (on-off girlfriend) Abby. Chantelle’s been in tears ever since.

‘Preston told Chantelle that he truly loves her, but says that if they get back together, they’ll never have a normal relationship and will always be in the public eye. That’s his reason for returning to Abby. Chantelle couldn’t believe what she was hearing because Preston has embraced the fame thing so eagerly. He’s got this hold over her and she can’t just turn her emotions off.’

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