Oh deary for O'Leary

Enrique Iglesias must surely be a hero to some people (sorry), even though the rest of the world thinks he's a well-meaning goon, as the cheesy crooner has apparently been handed the US X Factor presenting gig, ahead of our own Dermot O'Leary. Dermot will have to pack away his teeth whitening kit, making do with rainy Blighty.

Speaking about Simon told The Mirror, 'This has been harder than I thought. You’ve got to negotiate people’s deals, you’ve got to make sure you’ve met as many people as possible, and you’ve got to find the right chemistry. I’ve got it in my mind now. I think of who I want this panel to be, and within the week, I think we’re gonna announce it. It will be the best judging panel so far, I promise you. If I get the people I want, I’m happy.'

New gossip surrounding Cheryl's position suggests that she might stay on UK X Factor, with a promotion to 'head judge'. And so the speculation continues...

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