Oh, darling, you shouldn't have!

Another day, another spot of verbal jousting between erstwhile lovers Katie Price and Alex Reid. According to sources close to Price, she plans to divorce Reid as soon as their marriage hits the one year mark. Divorce papers as an anniversary present - how very modern!

A friend of Price told The Sun, 'Katie is chomping at the bit to file papers but has been told she has to wait until the one-year marker. She told Alex she will petition for divorce as soon as possible, which is a week on Thursday. He has agreed. This is one of several significant gestures on his part but he still wants to make sure he gets a good deal.'

Meanwhile, over in camp Reid, his friend claims that it was losing a cage-fighting match that prompted Katie to step onto the highway leading to divorce-ville, 'She decided the only way to get through to Alex was to hurt him - a skill at which she is very adept. She told him the moment he lost his fight to Watson she fell out of love with him. The truth is Alex fought like a warrior and was left with awful injuries. But instead of being proud, Katie felt shame he hadn't lived up to her expectations.'

For the sake of tabloid papers throughout the land, we hope this is one fight that runs and runs...

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