Oh Dannii's boy

It's been a big week for the XFactor female judges; while one (Cheryl) languishes on her hospital bed, another (Dannii) has popped out a bouncing celebrity baby boy.

Melbourne's local paper, The Herald, broke the news that Dannii gave birth on Monday morning. The baby has the frankly disappointingly normal name, of Ethan Edward Smith. A spokesman said, 'Kris Smith and Dannii Minogue are thrilled to announce the arrival of Ethan Edward Smith on 5 July 2010. Mother and baby are doing well and dad is very proud. They request their privacy at this special time to adjust as new parents.' Dannii also found time to tweet about XFactor on the big day, saying 'Looking forward to catching up on #XFactor auditions. Can’t wait to see Simon, Cheryl and Louis again soon – miss them very much. Dx'

Good work Dannii, always good to keep in with your boss when you're on matty leave...

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