Off with her head!

Ah, Facebook, don't you just love it? The power of the mad stamping herd as they group together to campaign about the burning issues of the day. The war against terror. The Chilcot inquiry. MPs expenses. And now, Kay Burley.

The ubiqutous Sky News anchor has provoked the wrath of a 3000 strong Facebook group after she reduced Peter Andre to tears on her live Sky News show. Outraged social networkers with a fair bit of time on their hands are calling for her to be sacked - or at the very least moved to some outpost of journalistic wilderness like the graveyard shift, or erm, the weather.

In case you live in a media blackhole, Pete cried on live TV in response to Kay trotting out a series of insensitive questions about his kids. Most cuttingly, he was asked to hypothetically consider what would happen if Alex Reid tried to adopt his brood.

Kay Burley has a reputation for being a hard-nosed journo - but sacking her because she made Peter Andre cry? We can't help thinking a male anchor would be getting a slap on the back in the same situation. Pete next time you lock horns with the fearsome Kay Burley, expect some rough and tumble. Or better still, don't do live telly...

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