Octagon Global Recruiting : Lost goes viral

When life imitates art. Or rather when viral marketing imitates an ailing TV show in the hope of recruiting new members.

Octagon Global Recruiting is a fictional recruitment company which urges people who are looking to get out of the boring 'cubicle of their lives' to join a leading research agency dedicated to 'improving the human condition through innovative scientific research.

Responsibilities? Pushing a button every day on an old Spectrum which might blow up if you don't. Moving things, big things - like islands. Not knowing why you are doing what you doing and never having the curiousity or nouse to ask. Running around the jungle, hiding in trees, digging holes, eating plastic packed food that fell out of the sky. Chasing imaginary animals and swirls of thick black dust that should kill you but somehow never does.

That's right, The Dharma Initiative are recruiting. Billions of US Lost viewers are feverishly signing up to Octagon Global Recruiting in the hope it'll get them a part as an extra on the show. It won't. It will increase ratings though. Gold star for clever viral marketing to ABC.

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