Obama strikes back in Baracky the Movie

Here's a conundrum for you. Imagine you've been on a desert island for the last year, you want to catch up on the battle for the US democratic presidential nomination but you've only got three minutes and you couldn't be bothered reading. Can we fix it? Yes we can.

Just head over to YouTube and check out Baracky: the Movie. The video briefly summarizes the best bits of the United States presidential primaries using the framing device of Sly's finest celluloid moment (after Oscar), Rocky.

The video features a stellar cast with Obama as everyone's favourite Italian Stallion Baracky, Hilary Clinton as Apollo Creed, Ted Kennedy as Mickey Goldmill; sadly he doesn't say the immortal line "Get up you son of a bitch cause Mickey loves you!", and Oprah as "Adrian!!"


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