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If you were just thinking that time is running out to get a little jiggy with Rolling Stone legend Ronnie Wood, and that the only thing standing in your way was his infatuation with his Russian girlfriend, fear not: he’s dumped her.

According to The Daily Mail, 62 year old Ronnie has called time on his relationship with 20 year old Ekaterina Ivanova. His recent arrest on suspicion of assault is said to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

‘Ronnie and Katya have now split’ reports the newspapers source, ‘they spent the night together as they still have very strong feelings for each other. But Ronnie dumped Katya shortly afterwards.’ Charming.

The Rolling Stoner allegedly tried to strangle Ivanova outside a restaurant in Surrey last week, before eyewitnesses saw the young Russian run off. After that it was never really going to last: most couples at least wait to get home before they choke the chicken.

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