Nutella adverts banned!

Oh dear. Nutella's fattening and you shouldn't really eat it for breakfast. A Nutella advert has been taken off the air for lording the benefits of the deliciously lardy chocolate spread when eaten as part of a 'balanced breakfast'. The nutty ad folk claimed a jar of the spread contains the equivalent of 52 hazlenuts, a glass of skimmed milk and 'some' cocoa, sparking dozens of complaints and a severe ticking off by the Advertising Standards Authority.

But consumer group Which? are still concerned about the amount of people who may have already seen the advert -  and believed it. Meaning maybe not everyone knows that advertising's not true afterall.  For all Which? know there's an enclave of people out there living off the stuff in the hope it'll keep them trim. Could anyone be quite that dumb? The watchdogs certainly think so.

All in all, probably best to stick to a nice bowl of Frosties, a round or two of white slice with peanut butter and a triple latte from Starbucks for breakfast. Keeping naughty old  Nutella firmly for where it belongs. (Bedside bingeing)

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