NumbNut : spelling bee goes horribly wrong

"There's so much tension in this room that when something like that happens - something humorous, the audience is so happy....." said one judge of poor Sameer Mishra's excruciating moment at a recent spelling bee.

Mishra was asked to spell what he thought was the word 'numbnut'. He hears the word, adjusts his glasses, and then says, poker faced, 'you want me to spell 'numb nut'? Noooooo, explains the judge patiently, we want you to spell another word which sounds like numbnut but, isn't. It's a word which means a part of leather you find on a horses saddle. 'Ohhh' groans Mishra, 'you mean Numbnah'..... N.U.M.....

Too much tension X too much geekiness X silly American comp = too funny.

Numb what? Comedy spelling bee

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