Now the wedding's proper posh

As the world waits with bated breath for the appearance of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (that's Will and Kate's new title, do keep up), the questions continue to swirl: will Kate wear McQueen, Temperley or good ol' high street to the wedding, will Harry get s%$£-faced and try to feel up the brides-maids? Do we care at all? (we're sorry to report that in our case the answer to the last question is an embarrassed 'yes'). Anyway, as we type, Posh and Becks have just appeared in their finest fascinator 'n' cravat attire.

According to the Daily Mail, in a break with tradition, Kate will not (gasp) promise to 'obey' William, merely love, honour and comfort. Jeez, where do they find these modern Millies? William is also displaying some rebellious behaviour in his decision not to wear a ring (double gasp).

The Queen has decided that after the wedding and lunch reception for a mere 600 dignitaries, she and Philip will slip away to Sandringham, leaving the young bucks to party the night away, and hopefully clean up afterwards. A wise decision, your Madge.

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