Now let the debauchery commence...

It was the moment many fans of Moss thought they'd never see; the hell-raising supermodel finally settling down and becoming Mrs Hince. Kate Moss and Jamie Hince married yesterday in a ceremony in the Cotswolds, near Kate's home. Moss wore a silk, bias-cut Galliano gown, with gold-leaf embroidery, and a floor-length lace veil. The happy couple were accompanied by no less than 15 bridesmaids.

Kelly Osbourne, who was at the ceremony tweeted, 'This is the most beautiful, loving, amazing wedding I have ever been to. it's magical when you see people really in love!'

While Mani from Primal Scream dismissed rumours that Jamie was nervous the night before the wedding (though who wouldn't be?), saying, 'He's all right, he's marrying a supermodel. What's there to be nervous about?' He also decided that Moss and Hince didn't need prezzies, 'They don't need anything. They are rich. Anyway I've let her in my gigs for free often enough, so that's present enough.'

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