Not-so-Sugary babes

It's that age old conundrum, known as Theseus's paradox (or Trigger's broom for Only Fools and Horses fans). If you change a broom head - or band member - countless times, is it still the same? This is the philosophical issue the Sugababes are grappling with... Anyway, the current line up of Heidi, Amelle and new recruit Jade claim that things are better than ever - though they would, wouldn't they?

They tell the Daily Mail, 'Now we're all on an equal footing. Before that, we never knew from one day to the next what mood or hurtful comments to expect. The last year was unbearable because it was so stressful. Keisha and I had flown out to Los Angeles... We told our managers that we couldn't face another day'.

In a further twist, Keisha disputes that the Sugababes even exist due to the lack of any original members, and former 'babe Mutya wants to reform the original line up. Fingers crossed for two dueling sets of Sugababes...

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