Not-so-flash Gordon

Brian Blessed is known for being a man of booming voice and oversized personality and physique, so it's a brave civilian who decides to name one of his films' 'crap'. But that's just what one foolhardy soul did at a charity event, provoking Blessed to shout 'I'm not standing for this' and storm out.

An unnamed source at the event confided to The Daily Mail, 'He was just about to be announced to give his after-dinner speech when he grabbed a guy at our table round the throat. He seemed to be in a very good mood all evening and then he just flipped. The guy admits saying that he thought Flash Gordon was c**p but that is all. Blessed claimed that the guy on his table had called him a ****. It was a small table and the guy in question and others dispute this.'

He continued, 'We were all looking forward to hearing Blessed. Somebody who had heard him speak before said that he was good, telling stories about his acting days and adventures in his famous booming voice. But we did not get the chance to find out.’ The anonymous celeb irritant admitted, 'All I said was that I did not rate Flash Gordon, that I thought it was c**p.'

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