Notes from Gwyneth’s debauched kitchen

She may have induced a few yawns with her latest offering – a cook book called 'Notes from my Kitchen Table'- but super svelte Gwyneth Paltrow seemed keen to shake off her good girl image during an interview with Jonathan Ross this week.

Multi-talented mum-of–two raised a few eyebrows at the Roundhouse Studios when she came out with a series of designed-to-shock statements whilst chatting to Jonathan Ross as part of the iTunes festivals. Not exactly the first celebrity you’d imagine with a crack-pipe the 38-year-old condemned tinned macaroni cheese by declaring she’d ‘rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can’.

Less surprisingly she said that she would never take her wholesomely named children, Apple and Moses, to McDonalds but she did admit she had a penchant for a well known chain of pizza restaurants (gasp!); she said ‘I take them to Pizza Express because I think that's much healthier.’

Whilst discussing her plans to launch a channel of cookery programs via an iPhone app she admitted to being something of a slush in the kitchen. ‘I drink constantly while I'm cooking,’ Gwyn admitted. And she’s not even particularly choosey. ‘Wine, either colour,’ she went on to reveal. So she is human after all!

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