Not very Smart

Someone really needs to sit Hollywood starlet Amy Smart down and teach her some basic sexual politics. The actress gives a poledance to Jason Statham's character in Crank 2, and has obviously been told to talk about it to drum up some publicity for what will in all likelihood be a pile of pants.

More interesting though, is that she claimed that poledancing is both sexually liberating and empowering for females. Hmmm. Methinks she should try it at a seedy strip club with drunk bankers dribbling at her before she claims the empowerment angle.

'Prior to working on the film I had taken a few classes of poledancing and striptease,' she said. 'It's a really great place for women because it's very sexual and very female empowering.

'I think I'll get back into that because it was a great workout and a great class, and there's no mirrors so you don't have to feel insecure watching yourself seeing how you look; you just sort of feel it in your body.'

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