Not trustworty

Christian Bale has claimed that an 'essential trust' was broken when his rant at a lighting guy on the set of Terminator Salvation was leaked to the public. But to prove he's not a horrible man, he's accepted that he was wrong to abuse the underlings.

'I mean, hey, I did what I did,' he said to Total Film magazine. 'I'm not hiding that. I went overboard. But there is an essential trust and it's not a tacit one, it's a verbal one, a spoken one, which every sound guy says: "We are not only not recording, we are not even listening."

'I do stress though, it's not in any way a trust that's there to cover up bad behaviour. It's not about that. It's an essential trust that's needed for creativity because you'll often try things and they're abysmal, but if you have a trust there then you'll give it a shot.

I'm not making any excuses. Hey listen, I did it an, it's in public space. I take the consequences for it.' Anyone want to listen to him lose his rag again? Of course you do.

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