Not the only one?

Wayne Rooney must have feared that all his sexual indiscretions would come flooding out into the tabloids as soon as his affair with prostitute Jenny Thompson came to light, and it appears there’s more to Wayne’s whoring than what we read yesterday.

According to both The Sun and The Mirror, who appear to be competing like attention-starved children over this story, Wayne has been seeing another ‘vice girl’, who will most likely be revealing herself to us either today or tomorrow. A friend of Thompson even went as far as to say ‘there’s a lot more to come out’. We can’t wait. Meanwhile, his cousin Natalie Rooney has been stirring it in The Sun, urging Coleen to dump the England striker.

‘I've heard there's more to come out about Wayne and she's not the only girl he's been with,’ she gossiped. ‘To be honest, I am not surprised. Once a cheat, always a cheat.

‘It's not going to be easy for them because they've got a child. But she's a fool if she doesn't. She's got her own career and her own money now, so she doesn't need him.

‘I know the whole family will be appalled and disgusted. When little Kai is old enough to understand... it's just wrong.’

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