Not the jungle VIP

Jordan has taken her ball and gone home after being subjected to yet another barrage of bushtucker trials on I’m A Celebrity... Give me Some Exposure, quitting the show in a rage at how the public have basically picked on her, like when the crowd at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party booed Billie Piper off stage because she was going out with one of rubbish boyband 5ive. Women, eh? It’s almost enough to allow the glamour model some sympathy, even if she must have known exactly what would happen when she signed up for the show.

‘I can't do another trial. I'm walking,’ she said, before storming back to her media manipulation centre in near-earth orbit with her PR army. ‘There's only so much c*** one person can take. The way I've been treated on the show by the viewers, you'd think I was the most hated woman in Britain.’

Never. Anyway, the straw that broke the camel’s back was being nominated for her seventh trial, after which she stormed off and told the show’s producers she was offski. They tried to get her to stay, but they were fighting a losing battle.

The day before she had pleaded: ‘Please don't vote me tomorrow, I've had enough. Everyone else, give them something to do. You've seen me struggle, you've seen me cry, shake, want to die.’ It wasn’t enough to garner any sympathy though, so the braying, bullying public have got their wish.

‘Everyone seems to hate me so much more than I thought,’ she said. ‘I said at the start that I came on the show for a bit of peace and quiet, to try and get my head together after the divorce. But now I'm feeling uncomfortable.’

£450k richer though.....

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