Not the Best of friends

When George Best died of liver failure caused by a lifetime of carousing in 2005, he left a pile of debts as his inheritance, along with momentoes and medals spanning his short, but gilded career as a footballer. Now his family are fighting over the decision of his sister Barbara, to sell his memorabilia. His son, Calum, was bizarrely left nothing but a watch in his will, and is understandably fairly bitter.

Calum told The Daily Mail, ‘I feel powerless, neglected, very upset, absolutely devastated. I’m George Best’s only child, his bloodline. They should have been my legacy to pass on to my future children.’

While Barbara's husband Norman defended his wife's decision, saying, ‘To say that Barbara is devastated by the sale would be a complete understatement; it was the last tangible link to her brother. We wanted to set up a private museum displaying George’s memorabilia, but we were told by the executor it was the only way to pay off these debts. We tried to raise the money to buy the items, including seeking a bank loan, but were unsuccessful. If Calum wanted any of the items, then he was free to bid for them at auction like everyone else, as were we. We didn’t because we couldn’t afford to.’

Calum hit back saying, 'How awkward and humiliating would it be for the son of George Best to sit in an auction room bidding for his own father’s possessions? I shouldn’t have to — they should be mine. But I am determined to get them back. My father never gave me a cent my whole life. Financially, there have been many times when I’ve struggled, but when I’m successful, and can afford to, I’m going to try and buy them back. This isn’t about money, this comes from my heart and soul.’

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