Not so wild child

When Lily Allen shot to fame, she was as well known for her partying and mouthy antics as for her singing. Who can forget the shots of Lily being carried out of the GQ magazine bash after consuming a few too many bottles of Moet? Well, anyway, according to the singer turned designer, those days are well behnd her. She is four months preggers after all...

Lily told Elle magazine, that her local village rallied round after she lost her baby, 'We hadn't been there long, but after the news got out we received flowers and really heartfelt, beautifully written cards. Our vicar said a similar thing had happened to his family, so he would come over and sit with me. It feels really nice. We feel protected.'

She also credited her new husband for curbing her debauched-out-of-boredom habits, 'I wasn't eating and then, you know, I was going out at night. I guess when you're not eating you have to distract yourself with other things. Come three o'clock it was like, 'Oh, I suppose it's acceptable to have a glass of wine.' And then by four o'clock I would have had four glasses. It's not the way to be. But then I met Sam and he noticed that behaviour. I think it came to a point for him where he was thinking, 'Can I be with this girl if this is what her life is like? I want to make this work, but I can't live in this world.'

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