Not so spicey afterall

You know how the Spice Girls have been rumoured to be getting back together and doing some sort of project? It was reported months back that Mel B was getting the girls together to do something new and special, and there were rumours they might be performing at the World Cup in the summer, or even going on tour. However, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen at all, to the dismay of gay men and overgrown teenage girls everywhere.

What is happening instead is a Spice Girls musical, developed by the Spices, Simon Fuller and Judy Craymer, who created the really irritating Mamma Mia! According to The Sun the working title is Viva Forever, and it’s expected to be hitting the stage within the next three years.

Even more annoyingly the roles of all five of the girls are going to be played by actors, so all their involvement in the show is basically going to be to sit back and count the cash as it comes pouring in. ‘The girls and I are very excited’, say Fuller, no doubt thinking about all that lovely wonga that he and his girls are going to be spending. Bah.

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