Not so Fatal Attraction

He was the dirtiest of all the showbiz dirty dogs, 'battling' sex addiction when he was in his prime. Well, now Catherine Zeta Jones can breathe a sigh of relief as it looks like Michael Douglas is content to settle into old age quietly.

According to the The Daily Mail, Douglas is now at his happiest, with his womanising ways behind him and years of Saga cruises - with CZJ resplendent in sequins - up ahead: ‘I’m probably more comfortable with myself now, probably not leading with my libido quite as strongly, which comes with age and happiness. I’ve probably calmed down. It’s interesting when you have kids [at my age] because you’re kind of betwixt and between. Some of your friends, the only kids they’ve got are grandchildren.'

‘I would say definitely around the time I married Catherine. I started making some conscious decisions and prioritising. As little children entered the equation – with a bride, an actress, 25 years younger, in her prime – the important part became them.'

Douglas, sounds like the fun's over, time to dust off that model airplane kit we think...

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