Not so fast, Chezza

It looked like Cheryl Cole was an absolute dead cert for a judge’s position on the American X Factor, but apparently Cole be facing the chop before the show has even started, as the producers Stateside would rather have a home grown pop star at Simon Cowell’s side.

Cowell is, according to the Sun, the only person who wants Cole on the panel, with his American colleagues wanting someone like Katy Perry or Rihanna instead, as they think they would bring in more viewers than the Geordie. For Cole this is no doubt a bit of a problem, as she was by all accounts all set for the move to Los Angeles.

‘Everyone thinks Cheryl has the judging job on US X Factor in the bag,’ said a source to the tabloid. ‘The truth is, nothing has been signed and the producers still aren't convinced.

‘They are more keen to get a big US star like Katy or Rihanna on the panel - someone who will bring credibility to the show and who is already popular in the US.

Simon has been the only one pushing for her and trying to convince everyone that she'll be a big hit.

‘They want to see if the American public warm to her before she takes on such a high-profile role in one of the biggest shows on US TV. There have been lots of heated conversations and debates about it.’

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