Not over till Pete's New! column runs dry

There we were thinking that Peter Andre had carved out his niche as a dignified celebrity dad, unafraid to go it alone without his wally of a glamour girl guiding the way and along comes another New! (or is it Now!?) column. Yes, Pete's ghostwriting team have wrung a couple more drops out of the 'still in pain' hankie, with him saying he's not over his divorce from Jordan just yet.

Pete, talking in plurals despite there - thankfully, only being one Jordan, says: 'If you really loved them, you don't get over it just like that. These things take time. A survey revealed last week that it takes the average person at least 18 months to recover from a divorce. I would totally agree with this.'

A survey revealed? A mathematical formula for getting over divorce? Have Pete's scribbling team finally run out of steam?

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