Not looking good

Crikey. Naomi Campbell isn't coming out of the whole 'blood diamonds' affair very well. Despite sporting a twinset that screamed 'I am prim and proper, honest guv', her court appearance seems to have shown her up as a bit of a fibber, (well, according to Mia Farrow, anyway.) Now Farrow is saying that Naomi knew who the diamonds came from and was 'excited' at receiving them. Worse still, another witness, Carole White says that Naomi and ex Liberian President Charles Taylor were 'flirting' at dinner. Not only that, White claims that Naomi only 'eventually' agreed to donate the diamonds to Nelson Mandela's children charity after she realised it was illegal to leave the country with them.

Whether Carole White (Naomi's ex agent - yes she has an axe to grind) is telling the truth or not, the lovable clotheshorse is not looking good. And is it just us or are the blood diamond proceedings getting a tad starstruck? Somewhere in this twinkling media feast is an allegedly nasty Liberian President and a list of charges longer than Naomi's own record sheet.....

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