Not Kanye's Brand of entertainment

Kanye West is a man who strikes us as taking himself just a little bit too seriously. Despite the fact he wants to make his tour stage entirely gold, with him dressed in a diamond encrusted gold tracksuit, or whatever mad outfit he feels like today, the man just can’t see the preposterous side of his persona.

So it’s just as well that comedian Katy Brand understands, because she’s produced an ace spoof of the pompous a**e.

‘Not only was this record produced by me,’ claims ‘Kanye’, ‘I also rap, sing and play every instrument myself. The sleeve was designed by me and I burned every CD and put them in the boxes. I am directing this video on cameras I designed and built.’

Unfortunately we can’t embed the video, as it’s a Sun exclusive and not on YouTube, but follow the link below and you’ll get to see it. It’s most amusing.

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