Not Johnny's type

Phew. It looks like the two most beautiful couples in the world can breathe easy: Ange just isn't Johnny's type. Difficult as that might be to believe, we kind of do. Johnny Depp has never been one for convention. And let's face it - running off with Angelinais a pretty standard rite of passage for most of Hollywood....

True to his quirky persona, Johnny is staying schtum on the matter. However, an unnamed source made light of Johnny and Angelina's 'hot' film scenes to OK Magazine, banishing any inkling of a scandal in the process: 'Trust me, kissing Angelina Jolie on camera is the least exciting thing he’ll do all year. He likes to do movies that are a lot weirder. Johnny’s dream co-star is someone more along the lines of Helen Mirren.'

Righteo. While we're not quite sure it will be the least exciting thing he'll do all year (surely the school run, or putting the bins out would be worse), we get where this source is coming from. Vanessa must be breathing a big sigh of relief.

Until Johnny is cast alongside say, Judi Dench or Barbara Windsor that is....

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