Not impressed

When you’ve got a chance to impress music mogul Simon Cowell, it’s pretty obvious that the first impression you make is more or less everything. Certainly you don’t want to do something as dopey as wake him up with overly enthusiastic whooping at 8am, and certainly not after he finished work at 3am the same morning. That’s got to be pretty basic networking stuff, right?

Well clearly no-one explained this to the latest batch of X Factor contestants to go to the show’s the boot camp; in reality a massive £15,000 a night villa in Marbella where Cowell himself was kipping. Oh dear. And as if that wasn’t enough they then proceeded to trash the place, drinking vintage champagne as well as Mr Nasty’s favourite beer, before ruining his furniture – including a £5,000 antique Persian rug.

‘Yes, they did wake me up,’ said Cowell. ‘And any damage will have to be paid out of their first royalty cheque if they make it – to teach them a lesson.’

‘The contestants really let their hair down when they got to the villa on Sunday and they were drinking, singing and partying,’ said some source to The Mirror. ‘They even got stuck into Simon’s beer, so he wasn’t happy at all when he went to the fridge for a drink the next day. To make matters worse they damaged antiques in the villa and ruined a rug.’

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