Not Geri happy...

Ah, St Tropez, the perfect destination for lovers... sandy beaches, fine french wine, that certain 'I don't know what' that the French are supposed to have. What could go wrong? Unfortunately for Geri Halliwell, St Tropez is also renowned for its excessively attractive young ladies, and it's on this point that Geri's boyfriend, Henry Beckwith, came a cropper. Henry was spotted, both by Geri and the waiting paps, 'ogling' a lady sporting a bikini and hot pants. Geri immediately cottoned on to the ogle, and gave Henry a telling off.

An eagle eyed spy told The Daily Mail,'Geri was absolutely fuming. She was shouting at him and telling him what for. Clearly, she was not happy about his wandering eye. As soon as she clocked him, she turned around herself to see what he was looking at and then she twigged.'

Better luck next time, Hazza.

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