Not an offal lot of fun...

Stacey Solomon seems an optimistic, happy-go-lucky sort, so when she was handed the 'I'm a celebrity' task of standing in an articifical 'pie' being pelted with rotton eggs and offal, she probably thought, 'what could possibly go wrong?'

Before the task commenced, Stacey appeared confident and excited, shouting, 'Get me in the pie, I’m really excited, let’s do it.' After being showered with offal, meal worms, cockroaches, rotton eggs and vegetables, she changed her opinion, stating, 'I’ll never eat pie again'.

Ant told her, 'You’ve now got to have a bit of gravy with your pie, we are northern and we love a bit of gravy.' At the end of the task, Stacey admitted, 'I just couldn’t get the stars in my mouth, I know you were thinking she’s got a big enough mouth why couldn’t she get it in.' She later told her fellow campers, 'It wasn’t hard, I was just poo. I thought it would be a piece of cake but it just went past my face… it was so disgusting. I thought ‘thank your daddy for the big teeth and big mouth’ but they didn’t come in handy.'

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