Not again...

Amy Winehouse may have another glut of emotional lyrics to add to her already bursting song book - it looks like her new man, Reg Traviss has been straying with a stripper. A stripper with the improbable name of Raven Isis. We do hope it's not a stage name.

An insider told Perez Hilton, 'Amy was fuming with the stripper and is not one to take things lying down, if you’ll pardon the expression. She wanted to know from Reg exactly who this ‘bird’ was as she won’t be taken for a mug. Reg insisted he was innocent, and Amy heard him out. She’s sticking by her man. She had better not come face to face with the stripper though. It will be war.'

Though Reg's pal immediately hit back with a rebuttal, 'It's nonsense. They split up ages ago, but Raven has refused to accept that he's with Amy now. He is adamant that he has never two-timed Amy with her.'

Phew. Come back soon for the inevitable new installment of the Amy n Reg show.

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