Not a good Wood

Never mind cougars, there's something veeerry scary about an old cragster like Ronnie Wood running off with a young girl like Ekaterina Ivanov. Even scarier than that though, are reports that he tried to choke her. The pair had a humdinger of a row in which witnesses say he dragged her by the scruff of her neck along the street, only stopping when passers by stepped in. Oh and they only stepped in because she was 'making a gurgling noise.' He also allegedly threatened to stub a cigarette out on her face. Nice.

Rows have been sparked in the past by 20 year old Ekaterina's jealousy over 62 year old Ronnie seeing ex wife Jo Wood. (Could the tiny, inconsequential age difference have anything to do with it too?)

Aside from the fact that years of professional caning have made Ronnie look like a sunburnt witch, (and....erm, what more reason do you need to not go out with someone?) him being violent should be the straw that breaks the camels back. Ekaterina, however, hasn't pressed charges.

To say this one wasn't going to last, is a cheddar cheese slice of a cliche, so, erm,... we'll think it rather than say it. Ronnie, sort it out.

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