Nosey Parker

Former EastEnders star Joe Swash has admitted that he went above and beyond the call of duty while filming a TV show with Pamela Anderson; he sniffed her knickers while he was poking around the superstar’s trailer. Nice.

Swash was filming his two one-hour specials with Anderson for Living, Pamela Anderson: At Home With Joe and Pamela Anderson: ‘When Joe Came to Stay, when he decided to stuff his nose in Pam’s knicker draw and take a deep breath.

‘As trailer parks go, this is the one!’ Swash shouted. ‘It's absolutely beautiful, with its own private beach. Pammy's living there while her mansion's being built.

‘I had a good nosey around. I jumped on her bed when she wasn't looking, sniffed her knickers, all the things I wanted to do!’

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