Nope, didn't do it

She ignored it, then denied and now she's denying it again - Vanessa Peroncel never bonked John Terry, so help her god! Yes, VP is reiterating her innocence in the whole tawrdy scandal, right when we'd forgotten about her. She peeled off for a raunchy FHM shoot (are they ever staid?) and while there, answered some cheeky questions about her and JT playing hide the sausage. But whereas Rebecca Loos injected some intrigue into her game of media hide and seek, drip feeding sordid details to every publication on the planet, VP is still insisting on her innocence. Booorring.

Here the saucepot gives a big French Pfffff...to the silly people who believed the lies about her, saying: 'I said it wasn't true, but no one wanted to know. I was supposed to have had sex with him five times a week. It's just horrid. He was my friend. I'd known him for eight years. I split up from Wayne and he was there for me. I never got a penny from him. But they just want to believe that I'm a gold digger. Some dumb asses are stupid enough to believe all these lies.'

Guilty or innocent? We have no idea. Maybe GQ should have a go....

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