Vernon Kay will be eating humble pie by the truck load after being caught sending saucy messages to Page 3 blonde Rhian Sugden - a favourite with The Sun. Rhian, on the other hand, is surely now employee of the month, after running straight to her Sun bosses with the text and twitter evidence - though they piously decided that the messages were too rude for publication, being 'of an explicit nature'. Um, it certainly hasn't stopped the Sun in the past...

Kay's spokesman insisted; 'They never at any point had a physical sexual relationship.' A source close to Kay and Daly added, perhaps stating the obvious, 'this is the last thing Tess will want to hear. She is not one to hold back on dishing out a rollicking. It's fair to say this will go down like a lead balloon. Vernon has been sending inappropriate messages to Rhian and it's come back to bite him on the a**e. He's never had sex with her, but clearly sending a Page 3 girl sexually suggestive messages is not a wise thing to do. He feels pretty stupid about sending them to her now and is obviously worried what Tess is going to say.'

Tess, perhaps a call to Victoria Beckham, current agony aunt to the stars, is in order?

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