Noely G to guest cameo in Corrie

Noel Gallagher could be about to tread the famous cobbles of Coronation Street. No, this is not joke, it is the wish of producer Kim Crowther who has said she wants the Oasis chieftan to make a guest cameo in a forthcoming episode of the much loved soap.

Talking about the plans for the special 50th anniversary shows next year, Crowther said on the Corrie website, ‘Noel Gallagher would be great. I would also love to bring Hilda back if anyone, and Mavis. It would be fab to see Tracy Barlow back on the Street, wouldn't it? I can imagine her causing all sorts of problems for her poor family.’

Noel’s guest cameo has come about after he recently said he’s ‘enjoying bumming around watching Coronation Street’. It's also been reported that he plans to move back to his home town of Manchester because 'London has lost its spark'.

Noel, it’s over to you.

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